Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Are you able to manage your distributed service center?

Whether you are a chain of diagnostic centers, restaurants, travel consultants, auto dealers or in any other industry having service centers spread across Geographies, you might have the following queries -  
  • Are all the executives handling the calls/chats as per the given instructions
  • Are they adhering to SLAs?
  • Can I monitor all center’s performance?
  • What can be done to further improve customer service and enhance customer experience

All the above queries can be addressed by adopting a Cloud contact center solution which can enable a single centralized view of all operations.

Let see how an international healthcare diagnostic service provider having 170 laboratories and nearly 1500 collection centers revamped their customer service by adopting our Cloud communications platform.

Solution offered
  • Every center has a published number.
  • IVR is linked with all the local center’s numbers
  • Customer calling from a particular circle would be prompted to the IVR defined for that circle.
  • Incoming calls can be taken on mobile phones or landline
  • Standard customer enquiries are resolved at the IVR itself -report status, center address details
  • For after-office hours a specific IVR will be played
  • In case of long waiting time, customers can request for a preferred callback time.
  • Contact center is integrated with the CRM and all customer interactions are saved in the CRM
  •  Contact center is integrated with the CRM and all customer interactions are saved in the CRM

  • All calls can be monitored and tracked from a centralized location.
  • Not a single customer enquiry is missed
  • Standard enquiries are automated - 24/7
  • Even the incoming calls on mobile and landline can be tracked and monitored
  • Detailed view is now available about every collection center and diagnostic center.
To know more on how to setup such solutions, visit us at ozonetel.com or just sign up     
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Thursday, 8 December 2016


In today’s world, everybody wants to save their time as well as have everything organized. This reminds me of a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin where he says

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

(Source – cau.edu)
It’s not only business men who always want to be organized, these days even doctors want to be the ones who want their activities to be organized, whether it is an appointment or patient visits. The biggest problem which doctors face is scheduling an appointment. Mismanagement often leads to unpredictable patient flow – often leading to patient discontentment if the queue is too long and sub-optimal use of resources if there are less patients.

The medical fraternity has adopted a number of ways to digitize their daily activities and because of which you have startups who have become unicorns by helping this fraternity. But there always remains a gap which is not looked into. The gap is scheduling an appointment, what if doctors give a centralized number to their patients and let them call on that schedule their appointment!!!

“According to a survey, 68% percent of patients felt relieved, when their provider makes administration tasks, like appointment scheduling digital.”

So, how to implement the appointment process by a single number!

The Solution:

  • Doctors need to have a CRM at their end wherein they can schedule appointments, let’s suppose there are three timings like 10AM- 1 PM, 2PM- 5PM and 6PM- 9PM. For each timing a threshold of 10-11 patients can be set (it depends on the doctors how many patients they can handle.)
  • Post this configuration, give a number to your patients where they can call.
  • An IVR would be setup which directly interacts with the database (CRM) and thus whenever a patient calls he/she is greeted with a professional IVR and appointment is fixed at the IVR level. As the IVR is in continuous interaction with the database when the threshold of the patients is reached the CRM can pass on the parameters to the IVR saying, that for the selected time no more appointments can be taken.
  • The inputs from the IVR are pushed to the CRM, thus doctors can analyze at what time period the demand is high and where they can have more people (doctors) to handle such high demand.
  • Doctors can send SMS to their patients confirming the appointment, so that the patients are rest assured.
  • Another benefit of this solution is, if there is any holiday or due to some reason doctor is on leave he/she can intimate their customers at the IVR level itself saying “the clinic is closed due to Christmas, please call tomorrow and fix your appointment”. Hence, with this the patient is well informed.
  • And, with one centralized number more people can contact anytime as they know their appointment is surely going to be fixed ;).

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. 
-          Mahatma Gandhi

Thus, a small change in appointment process like this can result into proper time management, proper treatments of the patients and make the whole work stress free for both: Doctors as well as for the patients.

Written by,
Nitish Narayanan

To know more on how to setup such solutions, visit us at ozonetel.com or just sign up

To know more on how to setup such solutions, please get in touch with us at sales@ozonetel.com OR sign-up.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cashless Economy, Replace Cash on Delivery by simple UPI apps

In the recent address to the nation, PM Modi has shown his vision for a cashless India economy. As we think of cashless, two technologies comes to mind - UPI and payment wallets.
Let’s understand UPI and how it can replace the existing CoD (Cash on delivery) payment. 

What is UPI?
Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a payment system that allows people to transfer money without giving banking details like card number, IFCI code etc. All you need is a virtual identity number, like an ADHAR number for banking transaction, it can be (abhay123@icicibank). 
How to create a Virtual identity number?
  •  Download the UPI application of your bank in your mobile phones
  • Fill your bank details.
  • The bank will create a Virtual Id for your account,  using the virtual id, now you can do any payment.

Usage in ecommerce?
In India, cash on delivery is one of the most preferred method of payment and according to business insider nearly 83% of consumers prefer CoD for online purchase.
With UPI, customers can make payment to ecommerce companies using only a missed call and a sms reply. It doesn’t need any app or internet connect on mobile phone.
Getting your missed call numbers is also very easy - Register on Kookoo.in a get a missed call account.
How can a payment be processed?

  • After receiving the goods, customer gives a missed call to a number
  • Missed call platform triggers a payment message to the customer and requests customer to share his virtual id (say: abhay123@icici.com)
  •  Customer replies to the message by appending his virtual id
  • Customer gets verification message from Bank
  •  Customer authenticates the payment
  •  Payment is done

As the UPI  layer works on IMPS, all the payment happens in real time is available 24x7.
The above method is just one way to make payments with UPI and a telephony platform, there could be numerous ways to further build alternate solutions.

Ozonetel communication platform(kookoo.in), can be used for missed call and transactional  SMS Service.
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel is a pioneer of  Cloud Telephony solutions in India. 

Many companies is using, kookoo for developing communications apps

For more, please visit us over the web at www.ozonetel.com or just click here for a free demo.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

7 lessons of how to run the best call center – the Zappos way

Many in India wouldn’t have heard about Zappos, the shoes to clothing to accessories eCommerce site. While they made great strides in their shoe business – being the pioneers, what made Zappos really famous and noted was the customer service deeply embedded within the company culture. Getting the right company culture, driving customer service and T&D have been the buzzwords at Zappos driven largely by a continuous focus by the top management, particularly Tony hsieh. Long before others introduced a returns policy, Zappos ran one – Starting at 30 days to ultimately reaching 365 days! Imagine a 365 day return policy on goods bought! While this put a tremendous strain on logistics & warehousing, it went a long way in boosting the customer lifetime value.

However, in this blog I will restrict myself to only the call center’s role in driving & contributing to the overall success of the Zappos brand 

1. Don’t outsource your call center to 3rd parties-
The questions as a business owner you need to ask are– Will the call center executive respond in the right tone & mood to a late night call from an irate customer who just tried out your product or service and is unhappy. Will they be able to assuage the customer or maybe reward them out of turn for giving such valuable feedback? Etc etc.

While getting through to the right person itself has become a tedious task in call centers these days, problem resolution is still uncertain. Unless the call center understands the context of the customer, the responses would not be appropriate. Say – The customer is irate with a particular order which he received and the executive realizes that giving a discount or a special offer might solve the issue then and there. Making this practice standard might lead to fraud but selective usage would lead to customer delight.

2.Don’t read out from a scrip-
I have often called up my Internet service provider and realized that the executives are trained to ask the first 2-3 questions without listening to what I have to say. Have you rebooted your router? Can you access the ISP’s URL...and it goes on. It’s important to be frank and clear with customers & be able to connect with them rather than act like a robot – goes a long way in boosting customer lifetime value. Ideally, designing the right IVR can get all the basic information communicated to the call center executive before the call connects with the customer.

3.Your call center is part of your core team
Network, Connection, Workshop, Teamwork
This goes without saying. If the person receiving the call on the company’s behalf doesn’t feel part of the team, it will reflect in lax response, poor service & disgruntled customers.

4.Be always available
(Source - Dreamstime.com)

24/7 available customer service – Given the cost constraints, most businesses have resorted to playing an automated voice for all calls during odd hours, even the banking industry. When most of the transactions with your bank have moved online, customer are calling only if they have some specific unresolvable problem. Then why can’t these calls be handled by a human?
We at Ozonetel believed in always being available, right from the start, one of a few in our industry to have a 24 x 7 Call & Network operations center.

5.  Monitor the right metrics

(Source - http://www.orion-partners.com/)
AHT, FCR, SLAs have become common terminology in the call center industry. But are they the right metrics you need to follow? You could be a business which can offer multiple services to a customer with numerous opportunities to interact in the future. Would you want to treat such a customer, who might have a high LTV, with short pre-scripted interactions?

6. Train, Train, Train

(Source - http://wiisglobal.org/)
Do you have re-training program in place for your customer service execs? Do they have a larger picture of what is happening in the business? How often are they imparted with knowledge about the products & services of the company?
Zappos would train every new employee for 4 weeks. Call center execs went for another additional 3 weeks in addition to trainings on leadership, motivation & productivity. 

7. Locate your call center in the right city
Cost is an important parameter to consider while setting up a call center, but a service mentality & availability of a work force is an equal or more important point to consider.

I couldn’t help but paste verbatim Tony hsieh’s comments on why the phone continues to be an important communication tool – There’s a lot of buzz these days about social media and “integration marketing.” Our belief is that as unsexy and low-tech as it may sound, the telephone is one of the best branding devices out there.”
Click here to get more insights on running an efficient callcenter


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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How Facebook chat can improve customer engagement for eCommerce businesses

Ever since Facebook’s announcement in April on opening up the messenger API, there has been an explosion of sorts in the various ways it can be put to use. We ourselves tested it out and came up with couple of use cases soon.
As per the latest press, more than 11000 chat bots have been created with the objective of - improving customer engagement, automating support & providing real time info to customers. To an extent that now even Videos & pictures can be sent via the bot.  The increase in menu options also provides flexibility to eCommerce companies to showcase their offerings, right where the customers are spending their time – On FB messenger, rather than having to push them to an app or a website.

Here’s an example of a Chat where-in the customer query is very specific – looking for a particular kind of camera lens.

     (Chat-bot of a leading e-Commerce retailer)
So how exactly does a FB Chat or FB Chat bot aid the buying process?
  •  Businesses advertise on FB and could be one source for the customer to come in. Though it’s become a trend amongst consumer to follow brands now on FB and this service can cater to that segment too
  • User clicks on the ad and a messenger window opens with a predefined message
  • The user can then ask more questions, browse, know discount details, new releases etc. For a high involvement category like Furniture or Electronics, sharing of videos or detailed pictures could aid the customer journey.
    •  The functionality of creating a menu can be used to prompt users for the next step & remember the past choices being made.
  •  If need be – a human can also be connected replacing the bot and even to speak to.
    • This is an interesting addition available via our product Cloud agent where-in consumers have a choice to chat with a live agent or even call them – all from the Facebook page itself. You can read about couple of cases of usage here.
  • And with the latest developments – make payment too, on the chat itself
Note – Standard queries regarding shipment/delivery details can also be automated via the chat bot and can be positioned on the website itself. This is relevant in case many users come to your site looking for information
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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Smarter way to do a political campaign in the new currency era.

Elections are round the corner in five states Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand.  The government has literally robbed the election campaign funding by scrapping high denomination currency of Rs 500 – 1000, thus putting a complete hold on the black money which would circulate during elections.

Accordingto Centre for Media Studies, in the 2014 general election nearly Rs 30,000 crore was estimated to have been used for campaigning but the official accounted spending was just Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000 crores.

In this scenario, how can campaign managers conduct a high voltage campaign?

Let’s look into a few smart tools for election campaigning

Missed Call Campaign – BJP used this technique and enrolled 10 crore new members. As mentioned above, this service can be used to drive membership, to understand the mood(like/dislike) of voters, get response to questions etc.

SMS Blast – It’s one of the conventional methods of communication. One just creates a text message and broadcasts to a targeted list.

IVR Blast-  Audio is better than text - with an IVR blast you can send a voice based interactive message to the voters which can be linked with a survey also.  The actual voice of the candidate can be broadcasted to a wide audience thus ensuring greater reach at the same time. A survey can also be linked at the end of the voice message to understand the voter mood better.

Facebook messenger bot – The Facebook messenger bot can be used as a new age social media tool to connect with voters. Using the Bot, political parties can easily share basic information like candidate profile, political manifesto, rallies schedule etc.
As it is fully automated, it can run 24/7 without any agent. Recently we developed a Facebook bot for BiggBoss, (https://www.facebook.com/ColorsTv.BiggBoss/ ) using which users can see the contestant profiles & plan an interactive set of actions.

Omnichannel Call center – We all understand the role of social media in elections.  To have a streamlined communication, political parties should have a multichannel call center or a contact center to interactive seamlessly with the voters via all the channels i.e call, Facebook, twitter, chat, sms.

To get started on any of the above services, contact us.
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel is a pioneer of  Cloud Telephony solutions in India. 

We are currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals.

For more, please visit us over the web at www.ozonetel.com or just click here for a free demo.


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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Get your missed call marketing activated in a jiffy

Missed call has been used actively for generating consumer interest & boost engagement. Pioneered as a concept by Zipdial, on Ozonetel’s Kookoo.in platform, its primary aim of getting consumer responses by a missed call was a runaway success. While it is easy to setup and use, a missed call service is one of the most affordable channels, especially for startups & new businesses.

So what all a missed call service can be used for – in marketing

ROI for advertising channels - As a business you might be running ads in different media – Adwords, FB, Newspapers. But how do you judge which channel is giving you the best ROI. One way is to publish a number along-with the ads and ask consumers to give a missed call. You can bundle in an offer along too, to increase participation. 
Capturing interest for short-term promotional campaigns - You run a short-term promotional campaign and expect to receive a high volume of calls and do not have a call center staff to handle them. You can request consumers to give a missed call and contact them later. This is relevant to consumer goods & services which can be promoted around the festive season. Something like – “This New year get a free additional 1 month internet subscription for signing up for 1month, to know more give a missed call on 1342XXXX.”

Getting this missed call service activated couldn’t have gotten easier, now that you can avail this from the Instamojo platform – 
Go to Marketing apps
Choose “Missed call marketing”
Load up your credits
Choose your number, type in your message & start promoting

About Ozonetel: Ozonetel is a pioneer of  Cloud Telephony solutions in India. 

We are currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals.
For more, please visit us over the web at www.ozonetel.com or just click here for a free demo

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Monday, 31 October 2016

BIGG BOSS Facebook chat bot powered by Ozonetel

Big Boss !! Big Boss!!

I don’t think Big Boss needs any introduction- India’s first realty TV series hosted by “Salman Khan”.

BigBoss season 10 i.e. on going season has thrown new surprises, first time eight common people have entered the BigBoss house called as “India Wala” and are giving a tough fight to the “Celebrities”.  The innovative idea of including common people has really made the show quite spicy and boosted TRPs to a new high.

Even on the technology front, BigBoss has taken new strides. They have integrated Facebook bot with the big boss Facebook messenger. Facebook had released the chat bot API few months back in May’2016 and just within 6 months Big Boss is on it. This is another feather in Ozonetel’s cap and we are proud to have partnered with Big Boss in developing their Facebook chat Bot.

So what does the Big Boss bot do?
  • Viewers can get the basic show information like details about the contestant without any human intervention
  • Immediate & 24/7 response – Viewers will get immediate response for basic queries and is available 24/7
  • Personalized answers – Viewers will be greeted with personalized messages
  • No download- Viewers don’t have to install app, just search “bigg boss” in Facebook messenger.
  •  Voting – Weekly viewers voting is a crucial part of Bigg Boss and this can be done via the FB chat bot itself.
How does it work?
  • User makes a request- Check the below screenshot, I requested for “common people” profiled
  • Request analyzed -  By using AI user request was analyzed
  •  Real Time and personalized response
Chat Bot- Personalised Message

The Facebook chat bot is very advanced bot compared to many bots present in industry, and can be customized to meet various industry requirements. Even the bot developers could not have imagined that it would be used in a reality show like “Big Boss”.
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel is a pioneer of  Cloud Telephony solutions in India. 

We are currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals.
For more, please visit us over the web at www.ozonetel.com or just click here (http://ozonetel.com/customersignup.html) for a free demo.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Must have communication tools for Startups

We have seen a lot of action in the business communications space off-late, whether Internal or External – with customers. In the case of internal communications, gone are the days of sending emails for every file – Google drive, Drop box and many more alternatives have made life easy for collaborative work. Even the internal communications space has transformed with the advent of services like Slack & others.
What got me started with this blog was the idea to create a tool kit for startups to ease communications with their customers/consumers.

How should startups handle external communication?
  • Priority 1 - All customer queries to the business are handled, irrespective of the channel being used
  • Priority 2 – All customer queries are handled in a timely manner
  • Priority 3 – All customer queries are handled in a professional manner, directly impacting customer experience
First step is to identify the preferred medium of communication of your customers/consumers. The popular channels that customers use & how should one handle the, are listed below.

 Customers “Call” you

Basics – It’s a Must to capture ALL calls, whether answered or unanswered – who called, when did they call, what did they talk – all in a professional manner.
Best practices – Create alerts for all unanswered calls & record all conversations. In a startup phase it’s critical to “Not miss a call” and also know what the customers are saying.

Customers give you a “Missed call”
Basics – This is typically used to avail standard information readily available in the customer database.
Best practices – Log all such calls in the customer database & choose a platform which can handle a surge in calls, possible linked with a promotional activity.

Customers “Email” you

Basics – Provide a timely response and be able to store this emails in a customer database.
Best practices – Communicating a resolution time and adhering to it. Depending on the type of email, specific to a support center, immediate response might be critical.
Most CRMs have this functionality built-in and easy to setup.

Customers “Chat” with you on your website or Facebook 

Basics – Provide a timely response and be able to store the interaction in a customer database.
Best practices – A fast response & ability handle multiple chats without delay
Note – the trend of directing customers to Live chats whether on website or facebook is increasing. 
Even traditional businesses, like Tommy Hilfiger, are adopting such platforms to reach out to their customers - Tommy Hilfiger

They ping you on “Social media”
Basics – Provide a timely response and be able to store the interaction in a customer database.
Best practices – Similar to chat and hence a fast response
Most CRMs have this functionality built-in and easy to setup.

Tool for pre-scheduled web meetings with customers
While the above mentioned priorities are for customer queries, there are scenarios of pre-scheduled web meetings also. Here again, the right set of tools needs to be used. While Google hangouts, Skype are freely available web meeting options, their quality is highly dependent on the quality of internet and often perform poorly while showcasing your product. Not being able to showcase your product rightly adds to the woes compounded with a lack of a physical meeting. Since our product Cloud agent needs to be showcased over a web meeting primarily, we rely on Webex, Gotomeeting and Joinme.
Ozonetel systems(ozonetel.com) is India’s only full stack cloud communication platform. A Deloitte fast 50 technology company, we cater to the Contact center needs of over 1000 enterprise customers in India - HDFC Life, RCom, WIPRO, GE, Shaadi, Agarwal packers, United spirits, BNP Paribas, DHFL PR America, just to name a few. 

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