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How Cloud Telephony help eCommerce Sector at every stage of Customer life Cycle

Ecommerce sector, which started in India in the year 2002, with the start of IRCTC (online railway ticket booking system), has come a long way. Today it’s most happening sector in India, growing at a rate of 36% YoY, According to recent report of Goldman Sachs it’s expected to cross $100-billion mark by FY20.
There are numerous reasons for growth of ecommerce, I would like to throw attention on technology. If we study the evolution of new technologies like cloud solution and big data. Both technologies (cloud solution and big data) & ecommerce grown and matured in the same year (2010-15). We can even say cloud solution and many new technologies thrived due to e-commerce companies.
The ecommerce companies were early adopters of advanced technologies, which helped the cloud technologies to overcome the initial resistance phase in technology life cycle, at the same time the cloud solutions also helped ecommerce companies in every aspect of their business from making of new product to helping them in better customer service. In fact, it was these technologies that have given competitive edge to ecommerce companies over brick & motor companies.
One such technology is “cloud Telephony” & “Cloud Call center Solution”. The cloud telephony is next generation telecommunication technology is predominately used by B2C businesses. The Cloud Telephony companies have helped eCommerce companies at every stage of customer life cycle, let’s see how it is done:

Marketing & Sales:
In ecommerce companies, marketing and sales are predominantly done on web or social media. The promotional campaign via email marketing, text SMS, voice, SMS, missed call marketing campaign can be done in a very effective way by cloud call center solution.
  • IVR Blast: Companies can run bulk SMS (text & voice) Campaign via web based IVR blast solution, its user friendly have inbuilt real time analytics and dashboard to track all the campaign. It can easily be integrated with CRM to make the campaign more streamline.
  • Improve inbound lead: The advanced call center provides Click2Call & live chat software, these tools are very effective in converting website visitors to leads. 
  •   Remarketing: In ecommerce many customers, drops out at the last step of conversion. These customers could be converted, if we immediately contact via phone and provide immediate help to the customers. It can in a more productive way in cloud call center
Service & Support:
In eCommerce industry, the customer care executive is face of the organization, the below picture clearly shows, how a customer continuously interact with the contact center in complete buying process. The customer need contact center support in entire buying cycle. The cloud call center solution provides all the necessary technology required to run the contact center in an effective way.

  • Cloud IVR: Many customer queries like current status of order, cancellation of order, refund status etc. can be answered instantly. The cloud IVR solution can enable IVR on mobile phone, provide prompt and fast support to the customer’s queries. It helps in automatic redirection of call to the concern department or person and provide 24/7 support to customer, even when executive are not present
  • Current status of logistics or ordered item: Most of the customer is worried about the current status of logistics, cloud solution can easily provide the logistics status to the customers via email, text sms and voice sms.
  •  Distributed Call center : To provide best service to customer and to use the local available skills optimally, many ecommerce companies is prefer to have call  center at multiple geographical location,  with cloud solution ecommerce companies  can easily set up call center at multiple location and can manage all the location from centralized location.
  •  Instant connect with customer care executive: The Omni-channel cloud call center solution could, could help companies get connected with customers via all channels i.e. email, chat and social media. The new solution like click2call and live chat software can instantly customer with the customer care.
  •   Security of Customer: In Information age, mobile number is not just a number, it has become an identity of a person, and for sustainable growth it is essential to secure the number from any kind of misuse. By cloud based telephony solution the companies can mask the customer number so that it doesn’t get distributed to all the people in supply chain. Ola Cabs & Uber have taken initiative in this direction, have started masking all customers' numbers.
  •       Call recording and Monitoring: The monitoring of customer call and recording is basic feature of call center solution, with cloud call center companies can monitor calls from anywhere at any time.

Customer Retention:
For any business, the cost of acquiring a new customer is very high compared to retaining the existing customer. With fierce competition among ecommerce, cloud call center could also help in customer retention.
  •  Handling of angry customer: By using advanced sentiment analysis technique along with skill based routing in call center, we could pacify the angry customer and could retain the customer. As we get call from angry customers, if we forward the call to the person expert in handing that situation, the probability of retaining the customer could increase.
  •  Run promotional campaign: The new offering and discount for existing customer could be run in more effective with cloud call center.
  • Proactive transactional information: With proactive and prompt transactional message via all the channels, the customer will be well informed. This can increase customer satisfaction and could be crucial in retaining the customer.

Apart from managing the customer life cycle, Cloud contact center solution is very flexible and highly scalable solution. Organization can easily scale up or down the number of seats, meet immediate and seasonal demand, and customize solution that suits the business needs. The proper cloud call center solution provide lot of report and real time analytics which help in analyzing the overall performance of contact  center and help in taking important business decisions.

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Abhay Kumar
Ozonetel System Private Limited
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel Systems is an India based Cloud Telephony Solution provider. Ozonetel is the only Indian company that developed the complete cloud telephony platform and provide complete cloud contact center solution, multichannel ( i.e. Voice, email, social media, SMS, live chat. Click2CAll) communication solution.

Ozonetel is currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals. Ozonetel is serving many reputed eCommerce companies.

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