Friday, 27 November 2015

How to position yourself in the mind of your customer

What should be your product’s selling plank and how to convey it?
·         Is it the overall value proposition?
·         Do you drive fear in your customers on what they are missing out & how competition is doing better using this product?
·         Do you pitch on lower price or a discounted sale?

For any Outbound sales, when one is approaching customers using an existing product, it becomes very important to get your product’s positioning across. Here the role of a sales rep overlaps with marketing in trying to get the correct message across, which the customer can remember & recollect. Taking a step in this direction, what we, as sales reps are trying to do is, Influence the customer.

So how to do we Influence the customer to get our message through?

Robert Caldini says in his bestselling title - Influence, The psychology of persuasion, there are 6 shortcuts to influencing others
·         Reciprocity – Giving something makes it an obligation for the others to respond
·         Authority – Speaking from a position of higher knowledge
·         Scarcity – Supply running out
·         Liking – People like to speak to Similar people
·         Consensus – What are others doing which you should also adopt
·         Consistency – Initiating a small change in behavior makes others want to be consistent with this behavior in the future also

While there might be overlaps in our approaches across these 6 shortcuts, what I like the most is the one of Authority. Being in B2B sales & an era flooding with ever more information, its very important to be on top of things with respect to your product, your industry & the future.  I would say, Sales reps should be able to gather the best practices across customers, trends of the futures and present it such that customers think of us more as partners than suppliers.

This is also when a glowing reference to your Senior manager/Sales head would work wonders in getting the customer to pay attention. Example – The sales rep initiates the discussion, schedules the product demo and then only, gets his Senior in the closure meeting discussion, saying here comes my Senior who’s been an industry veteran over the past 10 years and sold across verticals & customers.

Coming back to the message which needs to be conveyed, at the end of the day, it would be specific to your product.

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