Friday, 11 December 2015

Increasing Intolerance!! & GenC Customers

Today “Intolerance” is most politicized word, but we cannot ignore this word. I am referring to increasing intolerance among Gen C customers, who have the power to make or break any company.

The change in customer behavior with generational change is quite natural, companies have seen many generations of customers Silent generation, Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials).   But the evolution of internet and connected devices has drastically changed the customer behavior and a new generation of customer has evolved called Gen “C” customers. 

The Generation C, or Gen C, is a term coined by Nielsen. The Gen C is not identified based on their age or demographics but they are identified based on their behavior or psychographics. These customers are highly digitally active and connected consumers, they thrive on creation, connection and community.

These customers expect superior customer service, competitive price, and quick delivery. They are trend setters, early adopters, have limitless sphere of influence and are always active in online forums.

On the positive side, they are passionate brand advocates, vocal supporters and can become  high value customers.

On the other side, they are very intolerant customers, their service expectation is sky high.

What can companies do?

They cannot ignore these customers, as the population of these customers is growing at an exponential rate.

Undoubtedly, the increasing intolerance among customers is a serious issue. Few things that companies can do to contain this situation are:

·   Set right customer expectations: Companies set up many customer expectations about the type of service they will deliver, time taken for delivery etc. Many times companies communicate vague service deliverables like delivery will be done as soon as possible, immediately, very soon etc. A clear & quantifiable timeline, like delivery will be done within 2 hours or 2 days helps set the correct customer expectation. Similarly, all other deliverables should be quantifiable, in order to set right customer expectations.

· Standardize Customer Service: All the service deliverables should follow some industry or company designed standards. This can be easily done and monitored by automating the service deliverables. This will again help in setting the right customer expectations.

·  Continuous communication: Communicate all the relevant information to the customers and  if possible try to use all the possible channels of communication like voice, SMS, chat, and social media.

·   Leverage BigData and Customers Analytics: Try to understand the customer behavior, identity the customers with high lifetime value, try to increase the high value customers and try to let go the least value customer. It should be done in a dignified manner and there should be a process to let go a customer. The data is essential, data cannot capture everything, take the help of experts to understand the customer behavior.

·   Hi-tech contact center:  The contact center technology, is improving at a fast pace. Use the latest technology to run your contact center or call center. The contact center should be omni-channel, it should give complete report for each customer touch point, check daily and live reports of contact center. Monitor customer communication, many companies were even using sentiment analysis in contact center, to understand the customer behavior.

Hopefully, by following the above steps, companies can shield themselves from increasing customer intolerance.

If you want to study more about increasing customer expectation do read the book, “Build for Change,” by Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems.
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