Monday, 22 February 2016

How Startup could improve communication

On 18th Jan, our honorable PM Mr. Narendra Modi unveiled the plan for startups, it was a momentous occasion, as first time a country’s Prime Minister has shown such an interest in startups. After seeing the event, we can say that startup revolution has started in India. According to a Nasscom report, in 2014 we have 3,100 startups and it is projected to be more than 11,500 by 2020. The interesting thing is that , startup ecosystem which started with ecommerce companies, has now spread across all the sectors.

Being a telecommunication engineer, I would like to draw attention on new development in telecommunication space that could help startups at every stage of their life cycle. Technology, which I would love to elaborate is “cloud telephony”. The cloud telephony is next generation telecommunication technology, predominately used by B2C businesses, it satisfies most of the communication needs of an organization,   it is accepted by many startups companies, many are still not aware of the technology. Let’s see its usage at every stage.

Startup phase: Creation of 1st product and initial market phase, most crucial and challenging phase for startup. In this phase, most of the work is solely handled by the founder.

  • Professional Call:  An IVR makes a call professional, the best thing is that IVR could be initiated on a mobile number, and if required all the calls can be diverted to the same person. E.g.: A founder working as an Operations head as well as Sales head, so both Operation & Sales calls could be diverted to the same number.
  • Call recording: In the initial phase, every call is important and you can’t depend on mobile operator to track your call, but with cloud telephony founders can record all the calls, even when mobile phone is switched off. The caller will hear the IVR, and the missed call will be recorded.

Early Growth: It’s the stage when the product is ready and stable after all iterations & sales were done to early adopters.
  •   Toll free Number Service: A toll free number, with IVR call recording gives a professional look to a startup, it helps in branding and also encourages prospects to communicate instantly without any hesitation.
Rapid Growth: Phase of accelerating growth & customer adoption,integrated marketing is area of concern
  • 24/7 Customer Service: In a growth phase, robust customer service is must, call center solution is a key feature of telephony solution, multi-channel cloud call Centre solution would  enable  companies get connected with customers via all channels i.e. email, chat and social media. 
  • Increase inbound Leads: Exponential increase in lead is essential for sustainable growth, Click-to-Call & Live Chat solution is a must tool to convert the website visitor to lead. These tools are industry accepted solutions and now even used for customer service.
  •  Integrated promotional campaign: Cloud Telephony platform, comes with integrated text SMS,voice SMS, missed call campaign and email campaign. These tools plays a crucial role when you want to launch promotional campaign.
Maturity: Established customer base, with saturated growth, its phase of consolidation, with focus on customer retention. 
  • Customer retention: Retaining the customer is crucial in this phase, by using advanced sentiment analysis technique along with skill based routing in call center, we could pacify the angry customer and could retain the customer. As we get calls from angry customers, if we forward the call to theperson expert in handling such situations, the probability of retaining the customer could increase.
The mentioned applications are just the basic used cases of cloud telephony solutions, Cloud telephony solution is very flexible and highly scalable solution. The proper solution also provides lot of reports and real time analytics which help in analyzing the overall performance of contact center and help in taking important business decisions.
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel Systems is an India based Cloud Communication Solutions provider. Ozonetel is the only Indian company that developed the complete cloud telephony platform and provide complete cloud contact center solution, multichannel (i.e.Voice, email, social media, SMS, live chat. Click2CAll) communication solution.

Ozonetel is currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals. Ozonetel is serving many reputed startup companies like Zomato, bigbasket,, Practo etc.

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