Monday, 1 February 2016

Regaining lost Glory!

If you look, at the current world economic scenario,  only silver lining is  Indian economy. The world economy is growing at a rate of 3.3 % (source: IMF, 2015 report), India’s GDP growth was 7.8 % in Sep Quarter. If we compare with the emerging economies i.e. BRICS, Brazil and Russia have gone into depression and the growth rate of  China was  6.8% and South Africa  1.4 %. (Source: IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO), October 2015).

Looking at this data, many questions come to my mind. Is this a miracle? We Indians known as a country of elephants and snake charmers, leading the world economy!!. In modern history, we were never considered as an economic power.

I gone back to the history, to check whether India was recognized as an economic power, at any time in the world economic history or not,  result was amazing, pre-colonial era, India was the world’s largest economy.

 The history clearly indicates, “Business is in our blood”, it just got into a dormant stage, due to many reasons and recent upsurge in startup funding and new business ventures clearly indicates “India’s re-emergence has started”.

In our golden period we were major exporters of textile, spices and other agriculture products. But time has changed, we are in the “technology era”, the country  spearheading in technology also leading the world economy.  We have proven our expertise on IT and software development, and many new product based companies have started emerging in India. Let’s look into 10 tech companies in India that shows the growing power of India’s technology strength.
1.      InMobi: Founded in 2007, it is one of the fastest growing mobile advertising networks that has emerged out of India. In 2013, it was recognized by MIT as one of the top 50 disruptive companies.
2.      Hike: A P2P communication platform, Hike has been able to capture more than 15 million users, which is a great achievement. P2P communication space is mainly dominated by   yahoo, google and Facebook.
3.      Ozonetel: Founded in 2007, it’s the only Indian company to develop a complete cloud based telephony platform which also provides Cloud based Call Centre solutions. The call center space which is dominated by established players like of CISCO, Avaya, and Genesys, Ozonetel has been able to create a place for itself by first supporting e-commerce companies and Startups. Currently it is serving 1000+ customers.
4.      Durva: It provides data protection and backup solution to businesses for data stored in cloud. Founded in 2007, it serves healthcare/pharma, high tech, manufacturing, consulting, and education sectors. Few of its competitors are EMC2 and Symantec.
5.      ZOHO: Founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu, ZOHO Corporation provides SaaS Service. It offers online business, network, and IT infrastructure management applications; and software maintenance and support services for enterprise IT, networking, and telecom customers worldwide. It has nearly 15 million users and giving tough fight to SaaS giant
6.      Adnear:  Founded by Serial entrepreneur Anil Mathews, in 2012. Adnear provides mobile advertising services, it has 2.1 million location footprints across 4000 cities, and they serve ads to over 100 million users.
7.    Quick Heal Technologies: The IT security space, which is dominated by McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky etc. Quick heal technologies has been able to establish itself, currently it has over 17 million customers in 112+ countries.
8.      FreshDesk: Founded in 2010, Freshdesk provides SaaS based customer support platform for businesses and organizations around the world. It offers services to over 45000 businesses in 145 countries.
9.      VServ: Founded in 2010, Vserv Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a platform that offers mobile advertising solutions, the company offers advertising formats and targeting capabilities for mobile Web, applications and games, videos, and 3G video voice portals, as well as media mobile campaigns.
10.  Qubole:  Qubole provides data analytics service and offers Big Data as a Service (BDaas) platform, which runs on leading cloud offerings like the Amazon Web Services (AWS) which makes fast data analysis easier for all users. Founded by Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen, in 2011, the company looks to revolutionize the Big Data Solution space.
The list of burgeoning tech startups is very long, it is increasing at an exponential rate. The days are not far when we would see Indian technology companies, dominate the world tech market and giving tough fight to established players like Google, Facebook, Apple etc.

With robust economic growth, startups in India etc.shows the emergence of India has started and it’s matter of time when India would regain the lost glory.

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