Monday, 21 March 2016

Creating an End-to-End Customer Engagement Model!

Customer engagement (CE) is the depth of the relationship of your customers with your brand/product or service.  In today’s fast changing and highly competitive market where a customer is flooded with choices for any product or service, it’s become a fierce battlefield for businesses to get the customer’s mindshare and get him to buy your products or services. With globalization and growing consumerism, there is a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. There is diminishing brand loyalty and tremendous surge in the cost of customer acquisition because you need to reach your customers through multiple channels. Gone are the days when you could depend solely on traditional offline advertising and the PoP displays to nudge the customer into buying your product. These customers would invariably stay with the brand for a lifetime.

Today customers are exposed to information about similar products and services through multiple offline and online channels and the businesses have to be constantly visible to their potential & existing customers via all channels sending out consistent & compelling messaging. The offline channels are relatively easier to manage as they still follow the traditional route, the real challenge comes from the online channels where the customer engages in conversations in communities and has the ability to review your product and service, collect feedback from other users etc. Thus, the Customer Communication has to address the complete AIDA (Attention, Interest Desire & Action) model which means it needs to draw the customer’s attention towards the product, generate his interest in your product, build his desire to own the product and eventually get him to buy it. Once the customer is acquired, the next big challenge is to retain him. You need to keep this customer excited after buying your product and give him an experience that overcomes his cognitive dissonance. You got to remember that he has his Circle of Influence and his experience with your product and your organization will become instrumental in building the opinions of few more like minded people. You can turn your customer into your product evangelist only if his experience from the first point of contact with your organization to the time he buys the product has been consistently good. If you manage the post sales relationship with the same level of enthusiasm, his loyalty towards your brand grows and he becomes a repeat customer. In the process, his opinions and feedback on your product in his social circle can help you get referral business. So, at any given point of time, you cannot lose sight of your customer after having acquired him.

Technology helps you to Engage with your Customers:

The whole customer engagement process needs you to have a robust and reliable communication system that can help you to consistently remain in touch with your customer from the first point of contact. Your communication system should allow you to engage with your consumer on multiple channels – Voice, Video, Chat, SMS, Social Media, Messaging channels like Whatspp

·    Run Marketing Campaigns for your products to reach out to your prospects/customers
·    Communicate to prospects/customers about the benefits of your products and build the interest over multiple channels.
·    Sell the product with continuous engagement on multiple channels
·    Provide after sales support to build customer loyality
·     Run promotional & loyalty campaigns for customers about new product launches, latest promotions, loyalty programs  etc
·    The integration with various CRM solutions, ticketing solutions and analytics solutions like Google Analytics
·    Allow the customer to reach you through multiple channels and give him consistent experience
·     Measure ROI on every offline and online campaign

Just imagine if you could get a communication system that gives you all of the above capabilities at zero upfront cost and purely an OPEX based model.

CloudAgent- Your Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solution

We know that customer experience is the new battlefield for every organization. That’s why it’s important to connect, communicate, and engage your customers throughout the customer communication lifecycle. Do it right and you have the power to stay ahead of your competitors and retain and grow your existing business. This is exactly what we, at Ozonetel, strive to do through CloudAgent – an Omni-channel Cloud Call Center Solution that functions as an Inbound and Outbound Call Center.

CloudAgent shifts your entire Contact Center and its functions into a single browser for you to monitor, track and make critical decisions. Equipped with all contact center functionalities and business intelligence, CloudAgent ensures that you provide world class experience to your customers. Engage with your customers through multiple channels such as voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media.

Written By,
Reeta Gangwani
Ozonetel Systems Private Ltd

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