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Election!! How to communicate effectively with masses

On 15th March’16, the Election Commission of India announced the dates for biggest political battle of 2016 i.e.  Assembly polls in five states — Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Puducherry—which would held between April 4 and May 16.

Being most populous nation and largest democracy, elections in India is like a festive season, everyone participates passionately. With the evolution of new technology election has changed drastically, in 2014 general election high-end technologies like 3D holographic were used. In American election, President Obama had exhaustively used social media, Big Data & analytics to develop and execute election strategy.

Though there are a number of advanced technologies like Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics etc.

The solution that I would love to elaborate is next generation telecommunication solution “Cloud Telephony Solution”. It is predominately used for a marketing campaign and customer service. Please check (, if you want to understand cloud telephony.

In this post, we’ll explore how cloud telephony is beneficial for political parties during elections.
The main objective of political parties prior to elections are:
1.      Membership drive
2.      Conducting Research
3.      Awareness or Campaigning
4.      Gamification

How “cloud telephony” could be used for membership drive:
The most important thing for a successful membership drive is, it should be hassle free. Any one interested to become your member, should instantly able to connect with your team. Well accepted solution is:
a.                   Missed CallCampaign – BJP has recently used this feature of “cloud telephony”,  they enrolled 10 crore new members (source: In missed campaign an interested member just has to give a missed call to a “number” and he could member of that party, it’s very successful and many parties are using this new technology.

How can we conduct market research with “Cloud Telephony”?
Before starting a formal election campaign, market research is required to understand voters’ demography, their interest, few “cloud telephony” tools that could be very useful are:
 IVR Blast - Audio is always a better way of communication than text, a voice SMS with automated IVR be very useful in understanding the voters like or dislike and could be used to take voters feedback. Using IVR we could find the real issue faced by people in that geographical location. IVR blast is a best tool to do a market research.
SMS Blast - It’s traditional method, of doing any market research, in this user have to just reply to message to share his opinion.

How could “cloud telephony” help in campaigning?
Cloud Call Centersolution: Now a day’s outbound call center is must for political campaigns. In the President Obama’s re-election campaign, they spent $3.3 million only on telemarketing services in the initial 6 months, the campaign ran over all channels i.e. Voice, text, social media, apps etc. But why cloud solution?
o    It’s very scalable, can increase or decrease number of seats as required
o    Can setup the call center within few hours and could also stop it whenever we want.
o    Multichannel solution: Run campaign via all the channels
o    Analytics - Detailed analytics were provided, like call disposition, what is  response of voters etc.
o    Call Recording & Monitoring: In political campaign a high quality communication is must, call monitoring and recording enables campaign managers to meet the required standard.
Motivation is essential for any successful campaign, Cloud telephony analytics and reporting solution could be used for gamification .Volunteers can see who has made most calls, which campaign has performed best, who has made most successful call dispositions and many other metrics.

All the features mentioned above could be used standalone, but the beauty of cloud telephony is that we get all the features integrated in one solution.

Finally, I would say a political campaign is the most difficult and delicate campaign, we have to be very careful at every step of communication, we should continuously plan, monitor and track all communication. A communication can make or break any election campaign.
                                                                                                                                               Written By 
Abhay Kumar
Ozonetel System Private Limited
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