Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Automate your service requests using an intelligent IVR software

There are many businesses which service their customers through a set of service centers spread across India – Automakers, Appliance makers, Consumer Electronics. The challenge every business faces in this context is to get the right service center connected for the customer’s query. A standard solution is to establish a call center and re-direct enquiries from there to the local center. This is a viable solution for high involvement categories like Logistics, Consumer electronics etc and involves a cost in setting up the call center, hiring & training agents, procuring premises & setting up IT infrastructure at location. Ozonetel’s full feature Cloud Agent platform services the needs of such companies – Agarwal Packers, Bigbasket, Lalpathlabs etc.

For companies selling low involvement products, a more basic setup is enough to cater to the infrequent service requests. This is where an intelligent automated IVR (Interactive voice response application) comes handy in routing calls to the right person without any manual intervention.

A typical call flow would be:
Client wants a One-stop solution to enhance the quality of service being provided to their end customers through their >50 service centers at a Pan-India level.
  •  Client’s customers would call from pan-India to 2 different contact numbers
  • These calls are routed to Ozonetel’s provided virtual numbers
  • The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application intelligently detects the location of the caller and redirects the call to the local service center closest to the caller’s location
The benefits of using such a solution
  • All calls are recorded & can be monitored on a live basis
  • The IVR services can be used for promotional messaging announcing the latest offerings of the business while the calls are connecting
  • Specific region-wise issues can be identified basis the number of support calls being received
  • The facility is available at No additional CAPEX or Rental or Setup cost and comes in a fully prepaid module – Easy to setup, Easy to use
  Written by:
     MV Sandilya 
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About Ozonetel: Ozonetel provides a secure, flexible call center software platform and IVR System. If you want to design your own IVR System, visit us at <http://kookoo.ozonetel.com/ > .  If you want to know the features of our ivr software or want to implement an ivr service, visit us at <http://ozonetel.com/Cloud-Telephony-Features/IVR-System.html>

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