Thursday, 5 May 2016

Facebook, a new entrant in Contact Center Industry!

Recently, Facebook has launched chatbot messenger for businesses, a solution promised to revolutionize contact center industry.

Facebook with 1.58B active users, 1.44 B mobile users and 900 million (source: cnbc) messenger user, when launches new solution always generates excitement among its followers.

What is a chatbot messenger for business?
Chatbot messenger is a “software chat agents” or “virtual chat agents”, which can handle process oriented customer queries, like booking cab or flight ticket, cancelling an order etc. As it is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, with time chatbot  would able to handle more interactive chat with customers.                                                                                   
A bot messenger will  reduce dependency on human agent, would help in standardizing customer service.

How Facebook messenger will benefit end user?
Currently to contact any company customer care, end users have to go to that company's website, then find a company’s customer care contact details then contact them via a call or chat. This process is very cumbersome, with Facebook chat customer can contact with any company customer care with their Facebook messenger app, only condition is that company should support Facebook chat as customer care channel.

How it will affect the contact centre industry
For a younger generation chat and social media are preferred medium for support, a chat solution is must for better customer service.  With number of Chat solution available for business like WeChat, Line etc., For service center it is hard to integrate with all chat solution. In this scenario, emergence of Facebook  chat be beneficial for  businesses, as Facebook has huge customer base , 900 mn users on facebook messenger and 1.2 billion user on what’s app, by just integrating  Facebook chat businesses can serve majority of his customer.

On the flip side, it as headache for businesses, as they have to integrate Facebook chat with existing solution. In this scenario, companies need to be very careful while choosing the contact center partner, the contact center solution should be highly customized, able to integrate Facebook chat and other future apps.

Finally, the real beneficiary of this is undoubtedly “FACEBOOK”. Currently Facebook’s more than 95% of revenue comes from Ad, with chat for business, Facebook get access to huge contact center industry, and even how Facebook revenue will grow in coming years, is predominantly dependent on success of Facebook messenger for business.
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