Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Attract, Engage & retain consumers using an Intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application

Challenge – How to capture the attention & engage with your consumers

In an information overload era riddled with myriad consumer engagement schemes - novelty & effectiveness is the need of the hour. Consumers are bombarded with messaging from – TV, Internet, Social Media & Traditional media, so how do you make your brand communication stand apart. One approach is to invent & control the next evolution in consumer communications, the other is to expand your reach & engage with them in a never before tried fashion.

Intelligent IVR linked with speech technology enabled channel of communications is one such tool which takes into consideration both the above approaches – A new way of communicating & expanding the base of consumers.
To make the above happen, suitable tech capabilities also need to be in place – A robust Telephony platform, Tie-ups with Telecom companies building in redundancies & a speech platform, all of which reside with Ozonetel. The advantage of owning the complete Hardware & software stack enables Ozonetel to deploy large scale campaigns effectively & efficiently.

One such campaign recently deployed at a Fortune 500 company was designed with the intent of incentivizing consumers to connect to their friends & family through a speech enable intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice response) application.
Call flow
  • Users give a missed call to a published Toll Free Number
  • Users receive a call and a promotional message is played as per the brand’s template.
  • The intelligent IVR kicks to ask the user for required inputs, which are then entered verbally or via the dial pad of the phone.
  • The IVR then performs the required actions of either playing further promotional content or asks user for further inputs.
Benefits to Brand

  • Engaging consumers with an exciting new way of interaction
  • Communication of core message linked with the brand
  • Brand gets to reach out to feature phone consumers, not reachable via data
  • Improve accuracy of delivering the consumer’s incentive via a new mode of communication i.e. Speech.
  Written by:
     MV Sandilya 
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