Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ease the business communications of a Dealer network on an Intelligent IVR service

How to streamline intra- business communications related to day to day affairs?

Businesses in the Consumer Durables, Automobiles accessories, Farm equipment, FMCG domain have a large Pan-India distribution network typically having multiple levels. A typical flow of goods would be Factory -> Company Warehouse -> Super stockiest -> Tier 1 distributor -> Tier 2/3 Dealer

ERP is the norm for monitoring flow of goods in such networks. However, due to connectivity & accessibility challenges the last leg is not part of this network. This is where the high Telecom penetration can be used as a channel for business communications.
A typical call flow (Using Ozonetel’s services) between a Tier 3 deal & Super stockiest or the Company could be
  •            Ozonetel provides for a Virtual number for each of the company stockiest & configures an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Application to route calls intelligently to right departments – Payments, Orders, Shipment etc
  •       Tier 3 dealer calls the Stockiest on the virtual number & connects to the right department
  •       What if the stockiest doesn’t pick up the phone – The call can be re-routed to the Company call cente
  •     Sockiest gets a confirmation of the call and the details via SMS or Email. The same can be updated by the Stockiest team in the company ERP software to
  •      The ERP can be linked with a SMS platform also to send timely updates to the dealers in the network 
  • Accurate & timely flow of information within the company network
  • No more unanswered calls within the company network
  • All calls are recorded & can be monitored on a live basis
  • The IVR services can be used for promotional messaging announcing the latest offers, while the calls are connecting
  • Specific region-wise issues can be identified basis the number of support calls being received
  • The facility is available at No additional CAPEX or Rental or Setup cost and comes in a fully prepaid module – Easy to setup, Easy to use

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