Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why enterprises need an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) enabled business phone?

As a consumer, I actively reach out to Manufacturers of products which I use to give feedback on usage & to know about new offers. Often the call goes unanswered or if I am lucky it’s connected to the receptionist who is unable to connect me to the right person.
In an era where businesses are actively trying to understand consumer needs to fine tune their offerings, its important to track all consumer communication and hear what they have to say.
Ozonetel is a pioneer in Cloud communications and our business phone system, entirely on the cloud, enables businesses to track, route, and monitor all calls with a simple yet powerful IVR enabled phone system. Now you can welcome all callers with a personalized greeting message, believe me this really makes the caller feel special & gives the business a Big company image.
  • What’s more
  • You can create a Multi-level IVR
  • Intelligently route calls to multiple phones
  • You can listen to all your customer calls
  • Get Real time alerts on unanswered or missed calls
  • Get further info on calls via Detailed reports on all calls made or received
Written by
 MV Sandilya 
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About OzonetelOzonetel provides a secure, flexible call center software platform and IVR System. If you want to design your own IVR System, visit us at <http://kookoo.ozonetel.com/ > .  If you want to know the features of our ivr software or want to implement an ivr service, visit us at <http://ozonetel.com/Cloud-Telephony-Features/IVR-System.html>

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