Friday, 8 July 2016

Chat with our customer & industry leader

We are doing a special "Founder series" on how Cloud communication tools have helped startups & new businesses in managing their business communications. This month's guest is Mr Sachin Shinde, founder & CEO, Sanvi Softtech Pvt Ltd.

Sachin Shinde| Founder, CEO, Sanvi Softtech Pvt Ltd

What problem does your business solve?
We work in the IT industry to fulfill client needs like web hosting, designing etc. We provide unique and innovative services. Ozonetel has helped us a lot in this to provide customer support to our clients.

What was the Toughest decision for you, as a CEO/Founder
Decision to shift the company to singapore. Decision is taken but in process due to taxation of Indian Govt.

How important is timely & communication with customer to you
Scale of 1 to 10

It's obvious 10 . 

Specific benefit that you have got by using Cloud Agent Lite product?

All the mentioned below features but specially highlighted one.
- One published number for all business communications
- Setup a professional Welcome message, Route calls to right dept. - Give a BIG company feel to our setup
- Setup an intelligent phone system with Zero capex and installation from our end
- I want a telephony solution where I don't need to invest any money and pay as I use
- Any other 

Would you suggest this kind of a solution for other start-ups?
Yes sure i have already referred this service to my friend. He is using it 

How would you rate Ozonetel's customer support team?
Sure it is  10. Actually I do not remember the last time i made a call to customer support of Ozonetel, because your services are so user friendly that i do not need to contact support every time. I am happy with this.



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