Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cloud, a boon for small businesses

Gone are the days when IT infrastructure like ERP, CRM etc. could only be used by large enterprises. The emergence of cloud is a boon for small and medium businesses. Today SMBs can easily avail most IT services, with a minimal financial impact. Cloud based solutions suit small businesses for multiple reasons: A “pay per drink” OPEX model, flexible to use,  very scalable, and easy to upgrade. Amazon Web Services exemplifies this. It is now trending to be a $10 billion revenue business in 2016.
Today, most IT product and services are available as a Cloud based offering. Let’s look at a few solutions.
Cloud Storage: Also called “online store" wherein data is stored on cloud, and it’s accessible to authorised users from any location as long as you have an internet connection. Few benefits are greater accessibility and a good backup. Solutions range from Google Drive to Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive.
Cloud ERP: An ERP Solution makes operations streamlined and efficient across finance, customer service, sales, manufacturing and human resources. It helps to manage all activities of business. Traditionally, the domain of SAP and Oracle, new solutions such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and even SAP Hana are disrupting the model.

Cloud  Office 365: We all are aware of MS Office suite.  Office 365 is Office suite on the cloud. This eliminates the need to have an exchange server and it is very easy to deploy with zero maintenance cost.
Cloud CRM: A CRM solution is a must for better customer service and sales management. From a world of Siebel and SAP, this space has evolved the fastest with large and small providers such as Salesforce, Zoho and Sugar.
Cloud Telephony: For a SMB to create a basic communication solution like a telecalling facility or a small customer service centre,  they would need a traditional solution which, in addition to telecom resources would also need hardware based technology. With cloud telephony,  companies can start any communication service without hardware from the likes of Avaya, just by paying monthly subscription fees (SaaS). Five9 and Talkdesk in the US and Ozonetel in India are few companies that support clients in their telephony operations by providing cloud based software.
As the title of blog states, cloud-based solutions that are on demand are a boon to small businesses.

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