Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Leverage Speech Recognition for better customer service

We are all familiar with Siri and Alexa, the voice based personal assistants. While, speech recognition started way back in 1932 at Bell Laboratories, its use has been limited so far. Recently ICICI bank launched a new service based on this technology for phone banking and voice metrics(http://www.business-standard.com/article/finance/icici-bank-eyes-5-million-transactions-via-voice-recognition-116092500222_1.html) .

Speech recognition can be a system driven user friendly technology to enable better customer service. 

What could be some use cases for speech recognition?

Automated Interactive voice assistant (Intelligent IVR)Speech can replace the touchtone keypad during the  IVR call, thus making the experience more user friendly & efficient.

Automated call monitoring - Speech recognition can automate the agent call monitoring process by helping the supervisor monitor for specific keywords which might or might not have been spoken. This is done manually nowadays which tends to be tedious & non-standardized. Another example could be - To aid marketing campaigns with advanced analytics – One of our clients ran a high volume campaign and monitored the utterance of a particular word. This can help in getting a deeper insight into consumer behavior& help review and plan future campaigns.

Security - Voice Biometrics is an easy and secure method of authentication using an IVR system.

Ozonetel currently runs a high volume Speech recognition enabled marketing campaign for HUL, more about this at (http://ozonetel.com/casestudies/HUL-LoKarLoBaat.html)

Recently we also integrated a speech layer (Dhvani) to our cloud telephony stack (speech.ozonetel.com). Now KooKoo developers can use this speech application in their cloud telephony applications.

For more, please visit us over the web at speech.ozonetel.comTo  start speech recognition application  just signup at http://ozonetel.com/signup.html

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