Monday, 31 October 2016

BIGG BOSS Facebook chat bot powered by Ozonetel

Big Boss !! Big Boss!!

I don’t think Big Boss needs any introduction- India’s first realty TV series hosted by “Salman Khan”.

BigBoss season 10 i.e. on going season has thrown new surprises, first time eight common people have entered the BigBoss house called as “India Wala” and are giving a tough fight to the “Celebrities”.  The innovative idea of including common people has really made the show quite spicy and boosted TRPs to a new high.

Even on the technology front, BigBoss has taken new strides. They have integrated Facebook bot with the big boss Facebook messenger. Facebook had released the chat bot API few months back in May’2016 and just within 6 months Big Boss is on it. This is another feather in Ozonetel’s cap and we are proud to have partnered with Big Boss in developing their Facebook chat Bot.

So what does the Big Boss bot do?
  • Viewers can get the basic show information like details about the contestant without any human intervention
  • Immediate & 24/7 response – Viewers will get immediate response for basic queries and is available 24/7
  • Personalized answers – Viewers will be greeted with personalized messages
  • No download- Viewers don’t have to install app, just search “bigg boss” in Facebook messenger.
  •  Voting – Weekly viewers voting is a crucial part of Bigg Boss and this can be done via the FB chat bot itself.
How does it work?
  • User makes a request- Check the below screenshot, I requested for “common people” profiled
  • Request analyzed -  By using AI user request was analyzed
  •  Real Time and personalized response
Chat Bot- Personalised Message

The Facebook chat bot is very advanced bot compared to many bots present in industry, and can be customized to meet various industry requirements. Even the bot developers could not have imagined that it would be used in a reality show like “Big Boss”.
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel is a pioneer of  Cloud Telephony solutions in India. 

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