Monday, 17 October 2016

How can Small & Medium scale Businesses improve their business communications?


Small & Medium businesses (SME, SMB) play a key role in the Indian economy. They contribute to more than 45%  of the industrial output, 40% of the country’s total exports and help create 1.3 million jobs every year. Currently, there are more than 48 million SME in India (source: Ministry of MSME, GoI). 

With the changing business environment, small businesses are  not restricted to any geography, and serve customers across the globe and partner with MNC’s on business deals . In this scenario, a robust communication solution is much needed. Here are some communications solutions suitable for this sector-  affordable and easy to use.

1.    VoIP for online meeting: Voice over internet protocol enables businesses to connect with anyone across the globe via chat, voice or video. Add-on advanced features like voicemail, desktop sharing, connectivity to PSTN number further aid communications. The services in this domain are Microsoft skype, Google hangout with a limited free plan to start-with. Other players in this segment are Viber, GoToMeeting, WebEx.
2.  Virtual Calling Software (virtual receptionist): In a cloud computing era small businesses can avail the facility of a virtual receptionist solution. A basic virtual calling solution comes with an IVR, call recording, call monitoring, voice mails, call related alerts etc. With a virtual receptionist solution small businesses can ensure that they never miss a call
3.     Cloud Call Center: A prompt customer service and real time support is critical to any business. A cloud based call center helps businesses to easily setup a small call center 1-10 seater with no upfront investment in any hardware or software and is maintained by the service provider. Companies can start the calling operation just by paying monthly subscription fees (SaaS).
4.    Live Chat on website: Website is one of the best platform to generate inbound leads and a live chat helps in engaging a website visitor and help in the process of converting a prospect or lead. It can  also be a preferred tool for customer support and service. According to a recent report by ATG Global Consumer( a study proved that nearly 90% of the customers consider live chat very helpful. The solution is cost effective and a single agent can handle multiple customers at one time.
5.   Facebook chat bot: Recently Facebook released its chat bot API’s for businesses. As Facebook is one of the most used messenger and a popular social media platform (1.58bn active users, source: CNBC), it can be used as a medium to address customer queries. An automated chat bot can process general customer queries, like booking a cab, flight ticket or maybe, to cancel an order.                                                                         
A chat bot can reduce human error and dependency, which helps in standardizing customer service.
Recently we integrated the FB chat bot to our calling platform Kookoo, now Kookoo developers can build their own chat bot using Kookoo API’s.

About Ozonetel: Ozonetel is a pioneer of  Cloud Telephony solutions in India. Our Service includes  virtual calling solution, Live chat, multichannel cloud call center and Facebook chat bot.
We are currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals.
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