Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Integrate twitter with your Contact Center

The usage of  social media has changed dramatically in the past few years, and has moved from a social engagement platform to being the most preferred platform for  customer queries and support. Customers expect a lot from social media, and according to a recent study , 42% of the customers expect to get a response within one hour of contacting the company.

To keep our contact center solution up to date with the latest technologies, we have now integrated twitter into our Contact center product - Cloud Agent.

With this we have now integrated two major social media platforms -  Facebook chat and Twitter.

Some of the key benefits are
  • Single platform for all customer interactions
  • Track and monitor all customer communication via all channels
  • Customer now has an option to switch between channels to reach out to businesses
  • Quick response to social media queries 
  • Companies can identify active brand advocates or brand naysayers
  •  Companies can analyze customer behavior via the feed coming in from FB & Twitter. Our speech recognition system( is enabled with keyword spotting which can help analyze even a large volume of tweets.

If social media interaction is used to its full potential, it can help improve customer retention, increase brand awareness, improve quality of service, thus resulting in an increase in overall customer satisfaction.
Can check basic twitter integration on youtube.
If you are interested in integrating twitter and Facebook chat bot, mail us @

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