Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How Facebook chat can improve customer engagement for eCommerce businesses

Ever since Facebook’s announcement in April on opening up the messenger API, there has been an explosion of sorts in the various ways it can be put to use. We ourselves tested it out and came up with couple of use cases soon.
As per the latest press, more than 11000 chat bots have been created with the objective of - improving customer engagement, automating support & providing real time info to customers. To an extent that now even Videos & pictures can be sent via the bot.  The increase in menu options also provides flexibility to eCommerce companies to showcase their offerings, right where the customers are spending their time – On FB messenger, rather than having to push them to an app or a website.

Here’s an example of a Chat where-in the customer query is very specific – looking for a particular kind of camera lens.

     (Chat-bot of a leading e-Commerce retailer)
So how exactly does a FB Chat or FB Chat bot aid the buying process?
  •  Businesses advertise on FB and could be one source for the customer to come in. Though it’s become a trend amongst consumer to follow brands now on FB and this service can cater to that segment too
  • User clicks on the ad and a messenger window opens with a predefined message
  • The user can then ask more questions, browse, know discount details, new releases etc. For a high involvement category like Furniture or Electronics, sharing of videos or detailed pictures could aid the customer journey.
    •  The functionality of creating a menu can be used to prompt users for the next step & remember the past choices being made.
  •  If need be – a human can also be connected replacing the bot and even to speak to.
    • This is an interesting addition available via our product Cloud agent where-in consumers have a choice to chat with a live agent or even call them – all from the Facebook page itself. You can read about couple of cases of usage here.
  • And with the latest developments – make payment too, on the chat itself
Note – Standard queries regarding shipment/delivery details can also be automated via the chat bot and can be positioned on the website itself. This is relevant in case many users come to your site looking for information

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