Thursday, 10 November 2016

Smarter way to do a political campaign in the new currency era.

Elections are round the corner in five states Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand.  The government has literally robbed the election campaign funding by scrapping high denomination currency of Rs 500 – 1000, thus putting a complete hold on the black money which would circulate during elections.

Accordingto Centre for Media Studies, in the 2014 general election nearly Rs 30,000 crore was estimated to have been used for campaigning but the official accounted spending was just Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000 crores.

In this scenario, how can campaign managers conduct a high voltage campaign?

Let’s look into a few smart tools for election campaigning

Missed Call Campaign – BJP used this technique and enrolled 10 crore new members. As mentioned above, this service can be used to drive membership, to understand the mood(like/dislike) of voters, get response to questions etc.

SMS Blast – It’s one of the conventional methods of communication. One just creates a text message and broadcasts to a targeted list.

IVR Blast-  Audio is better than text - with an IVR blast you can send a voice based interactive message to the voters which can be linked with a survey also.  The actual voice of the candidate can be broadcasted to a wide audience thus ensuring greater reach at the same time. A survey can also be linked at the end of the voice message to understand the voter mood better.

Facebook messenger bot – The Facebook messenger bot can be used as a new age social media tool to connect with voters. Using the Bot, political parties can easily share basic information like candidate profile, political manifesto, rallies schedule etc.
As it is fully automated, it can run 24/7 without any agent. Recently we developed a Facebook bot for BiggBoss, ( ) using which users can see the contestant profiles & plan an interactive set of actions.

Omnichannel Call center – We all understand the role of social media in elections.  To have a streamlined communication, political parties should have a multichannel call center or a contact center to interactive seamlessly with the voters via all the channels i.e call, Facebook, twitter, chat, sms.

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