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In today’s world, everybody wants to save their time as well as have everything organized. This reminds me of a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin where he says

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

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It’s not only business men who always want to be organized, these days even doctors want to be the ones who want their activities to be organized, whether it is an appointment or patient visits. The biggest problem which doctors face is scheduling an appointment. Mismanagement often leads to unpredictable patient flow – often leading to patient discontentment if the queue is too long and sub-optimal use of resources if there are less patients.

The medical fraternity has adopted a number of ways to digitize their daily activities and because of which you have startups who have become unicorns by helping this fraternity. But there always remains a gap which is not looked into. The gap is scheduling an appointment, what if doctors give a centralized number to their patients and let them call on that schedule their appointment!!!

“According to a survey, 68% percent of patients felt relieved, when their provider makes administration tasks, like appointment scheduling digital.”

So, how to implement the appointment process by a single number!

The Solution:

  • Doctors need to have a CRM at their end wherein they can schedule appointments, let’s suppose there are three timings like 10AM- 1 PM, 2PM- 5PM and 6PM- 9PM. For each timing a threshold of 10-11 patients can be set (it depends on the doctors how many patients they can handle.)
  • Post this configuration, give a number to your patients where they can call.
  • An IVR would be setup which directly interacts with the database (CRM) and thus whenever a patient calls he/she is greeted with a professional IVR and appointment is fixed at the IVR level. As the IVR is in continuous interaction with the database when the threshold of the patients is reached the CRM can pass on the parameters to the IVR saying, that for the selected time no more appointments can be taken.
  • The inputs from the IVR are pushed to the CRM, thus doctors can analyze at what time period the demand is high and where they can have more people (doctors) to handle such high demand.
  • Doctors can send SMS to their patients confirming the appointment, so that the patients are rest assured.
  • Another benefit of this solution is, if there is any holiday or due to some reason doctor is on leave he/she can intimate their customers at the IVR level itself saying “the clinic is closed due to Christmas, please call tomorrow and fix your appointment”. Hence, with this the patient is well informed.
  • And, with one centralized number more people can contact anytime as they know their appointment is surely going to be fixed ;).

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. 
-          Mahatma Gandhi

Thus, a small change in appointment process like this can result into proper time management, proper treatments of the patients and make the whole work stress free for both: Doctors as well as for the patients.

Written by,
Nitish Narayanan

To know more on how to setup such solutions, visit us at or just sign up

To know more on how to setup such solutions, please get in touch with us at OR sign-up.

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