Saturday, 11 February 2017

3 easy way to make the best of your business phone system

In India, most of the CEO’s choose the customer facing number and many times a Toll Free Number with utmost care, they want the digits to be in a particular sequence and if require they also consult their personal astrologer(Fun fact: did you know that Housing spent almost half a million dollars to get a fancy number). The ultimate goal is that the chosen number be auspicious and should bring in good fortune and more customers to the company.
Do you really care about customers call after number is functional?
Do you know how many customers called that number?
Do you know how many calls get missed?
Do you know, how much time representatives spend in speaking with your customers?
These questions look obsolete but if you want to improve the performance of customer facing number, it is very important to track these key metrics.
3 ways you can improve the toll-free number are-
Choose KPI & metrics for your business phone system –  Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs) is the first step towards measurable improvement. Today, a robust cloud telephony solution provides detailed report & analytics, just choose few key metrics that is essential for your business. Few generic metrics are number of missed calls, number of answered calls etc.
Integrate with right telephony solution – Basic telephony solution is provided by many companies, even the telecom service provider sets up the IVR on a Toll-free number.  While taking a cloud telephony solution, make sure that your solution provider has a few advanced capabilities
  • It should provide all required reports and metrics
  • Easy to integrate with CRM or ticketing solution
  • Can create different fall back rules so that not a single call is missed
  • Record all inbound customer calls even on mobile phones
Integrate with a CRM/ticketing solution -  Integrating with a CRM helps to record all customer conversation at a centralized location. It assists in follow up and tracking/monitoring of all calls. Many CRMs also have feature of auto generation of an enquiry or a lead for an incoming call. Integrating with CRM / ticketing make the complete process robust and seamless.
Finally, organizations spend a lot in various marketing activities i.e. inbound/outbound, the outcome of all marketing activity is a customer call. It becomes very imperative to have a full proof process for customer call, tracking all key metrics and continuous process improvement.

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