Monday, 20 February 2017

Enabling sales transformation in the Online education sector

India is the 3rd largest online market for education in the world estimated at 3Bn USD. And has seen lot of action in the startup community as well as amongst established businesses.
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While businesses would like to reach out to prospective users via online only, the demographics of India warrant an off-line approach too. This is done either via a Telecalling team, Inside sales team or a mix of online & off-line sales teams.

The user information is usually captured in a customer repository by the businesses either in an internal ERP or CRM. Even the CRM adoption rates have seen a surge in the past 5 years with the advent of SaaS products which offer an easy entry for even SMEs. It is equally vital that users are reached out to and users in turn have avenues to reach back, whether it is via Email, Call, SMS, Social media, or Live chat.

Monitoring these sales or support related conversations becomes critical as each interaction leaves an impression on the end user. Couple of metrics which need to be monitored related could be -  
  • What are the number of interactions leading to a sales win?
  • Specifcally, how many calls are made to a new prospect to establish contact & gather the correct information?
  • Which sales rep makes the highest number of calls?
  • Which activity results in better wins – Online calls or offline meetings?
  • How many calls are missed? How can this be reduced?
  • What is your NPS? A simple metric which can give you an immediate feedback on your services. You can read more about it here – (  
At a recent discussion with a leading education services company offering GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, and TOEFL preparation courses and private tutoring in multiple locations – key paint points in their process were
  • Do not know how many calls each sales rep is making?
  • Unable to track missed call from end users if agent steps out of office
  • No call recording to track the sales rep’s conversation with users.
  • Non-timely updation of the internal CRM, which was not integrated with the calling solution
  • No centralized view of operations across 18 branches spread across India  

In summary, due to the disconnect between telephony, CRM and the existing sales process the information was not up to date and monitoring productivity was limited.

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This particular case is applicable for all other industries having a mix of online and offline sales teams – Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, B2B tech sales, Traditional educational institutes, FMCG, helping monitor all customer conversations. Needless to say, enabling the field or offline sales teams with a mobile CRM helps the overall sales outreach.

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