Friday, 3 February 2017

Where is my Bus? – Travel company improves customer service

Bus stand -Travel company provide prompt answer to all queries

The topic looks irrelevant but for a person waiting for bus it is the most pertinent question.
Recently I got chance to meet an owner of a travel company operating across India with a fleet of 150 luxury buses and a centralized 5 seater call center.
The company wanted to improve their customer service, by promptly replying to all customer queries. Mostly the customer query was the same- “Where is my bus?”.

Current State & Problem
Currently, the company has a published number and all the calls are handled by a centralized call center.  For any customer query executives first have to take customer details, search the location of buses on the web (all the buses have GPS system) and then reply to the customer query.
  •    Handling a single query takes lot of times
  •    Many calls get missed due to high call volume

Company’s solution
The company has local offices at 42 locations. The management wanted to segregate the customers based on the boarding location and all calls from the registered mobile should be forwarded to the respective local office. As the local office has the detailed information about the current status of the bus going on their route, they can answer all queries within a few seconds.
Example- For someone boarding at location X , their person mobile number gets mapped to that location. And when they call from their registered mobile number the call is automatically forwarded to the local office.
With a cloud call center solution, this can easily be implemented. All the 42 location executives can be configured as an offline agent, all local executives can take calls on their personal mobile/ landline number.

Key Benefits
  •             Get all the features of call center on a traditional mobile/ landline
  •             Monitor all call center operations from a centralized location i.e. headquarter
  • ·         Use the single published number to get call at all 42 locations
  •       Easily setup a distributed call center 
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