Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Are you still using traditional phone system for business calls?

Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit" - William Pollard

Manual calling via a telephone or mobile phone is a conventional way of reaching out to the targeted customer segments. In this information age when companies are adapting digital technologies and moving to data based decision making, the manual calling process is outdated and it should be revamped to suit the current business environment.

Why manual calling is outdated?
  1. Cannot record the calls –  There is no call recordings, you don’t know how your executives are talking and what they are talking? Cannot do any analytics on customer conversation.
  2. No data points on number of calls - One doesn’t have any data points on number of incoming sales calls, number of missed calls, how much time your executives are spending in each customer call etc.
  3. Low productivity -  If the outbound call volume is very high, lot of time is wasted in just dialing the numbers
  4. Inconsistent communication -   If the communication solution and CRM work in silos, nothing is recorded in the CRM and one cannot recollect every point discussed during the last business or sales call with the customer.
Cloud Telephony technology offers simple ways to overcome all the above issues and also keep your organization updated with the latest in communication tech.

How cloud telephony can help businesses
  1. Call Recording – All the business calls will be recorded, you can use it for quality monitoring and better customer service, even the field calls can be recorded.
  2. Automated dialing –  You can automate the outbound calling process by using dialer. Auto dialer deceases calling time and increase agent productivity (Read More)
  3. CTI Integration – Experience seamless communication by integrating Call solution with the CRM, you can initiate call from CRM, get customer info for incoming and outgoing calls. (Read More)
  4. 24/7service to generic queries – You can standardize many customer queries by providing automated answer to generic queries, customer can
  5. Auto Attendant – No need to have any receptionist, using IVR you can directly forward the call to the right department
  6. Detailed Reports – Any advanced cloud telephony solution provides detailed call analytics and reports, which helps in decision making.
  7. Manage a distributed team – Cloud telephony can help you to setup distribute teams at multiple location and supervise  all the teams from a centralized location .

Cloud Telephony is a flexible solution and provides a complete solution required to track the customer life cycle, and it is used across verticals in different scenarios.

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  1. Cloud telephony is the latest technology for cloud based communication service that is flexible solution for business operations. Thanks for sharing this blog with us!