Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why businesses need to record their sales calls

After speaking with multiple companies across many verticals, one key aspect that was missing is the recording of each business conversation.

"Recording your business calls is equivalent to making notes, only more seamless".

If you run a business interacting with customers, you should be able to relate to atleast one of these scenarios.
  • As an MD of a company, my cousin was mentioning that he has no clue what his field sales team is speaking with the customers. We all know where that leads to – wrong sales, wrong commitments, incorrect sales pitch and so on. Specific to the education sector, businesses can take a few pointers from our provided solution here.
  • Sales of your business is increasing on account of newer customers and not so much due to existing customers. As a business, have you been able to understand why? Are your customer care calls monitored? Do you have a system which can detect anomalies in the way your customer care team speak?
  • Does your sales team struggle to recollect what was spoken with a particular customer? What was the name of the customer? What was the name of the company? Which competition’s product are they using?
  • Do you recollect every point discussed during the last business or sales call with your team?
  • Is your customer making wrong allegations about discussions had with your sales, support or technical team?

In fact, every business owner I have met has appreciated the importance of this simple feature. But why is there a delay in implementing it then?

Recording the calls is only one aspect of a superior communications platform that can be used to improve customer care and build on customer engagement. But it’s a start.

Cloud telephony offers simple & easy ways for businesses to get started.
  • Not only do you get the benefit of call recording, now one can project a professional image to all callers with a “Welcome message”. It could be as simple as – “Thanks for calling XYZ company, we are connecting you to our support/sales team”.
o   All calls get recorded
o   Alerts can be created in the system for all calls – answered or un-answered
o   Connect callers to the right department in your business
o   Provide contextual & personalized information to all callers

In effect, no more missed business leads!
While telephony enables you to take care of handling your business calls, a robust CRM can enable your teams to better the customer experience. Ozonetel has done numerous implementations of CRM bundled telephony solutions for business across 20+ verticals.(Read More)

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