Monday, 24 April 2017

How to setup BPO in small cities

Recently, Union IT Minister Mr.  Ravishankar Prasad  inaugurated the first BPO center in Patna, Bihar  under the Digital India Program.

To increase employment opportunities in small cities, the government of India under the digital India program is giving a grant to setup nearly 48,600 seats BPO across India. In Bihar, the districts benefitted from this scheme are Patna, Muzaffarpur and Dalsingsarai.

These BPO’s will predominantly handle the government projects and domestics companies call center processes

How to set up a full-fledged call center or an IT system in small cities?

Let’s look at main issues with the traditional IT solution
1.    Setup – Setup is tedious, all the equipment has to be transported and the engineering team has to travel for initial configuration and setup.
2.      Costly Maintenance – Need an IT admin team to monitor the IT infrastructure. We also have to keep a dedicated engineer of that technology just to maintain the system
3.   Technology upgradation – Software upgradation is costly and time taking, many hardware often becomes obsolescent in 2-3 years
4.      Non Scalable – The traditional solution is not scalable; it is very hard to increase/decrease the number of seats to fulfill the seasonal demand.

What is the solution?

In the era of cloud communication, all the above problems can be solved by a cloud telephony or cloud call center solution.
1.     Easy setup –  You just need an internet connection to start a call center, the tech team can do all the initial configuration from their remote development center
2.   Zero Maintenance cost – The maintenance is the responsibility of the service provider, they can remotely maintain all the systems.
3.      Scalable solution – Start with any number of seats, then increase or decrease the seat count based on seasonal demand
4.    Centralised monitoring – To meet the local needs businesses can setup call center at multiple locations and can monitor all the centers activity from a centralized location
5.    Latest technology – As the cloud technology is evolving at a very fast pace, you will get the latest available technology
6.   Ease in integration –  For setting a full-fledged IT system, you have to integrate many systems provided by different IT vendors. The cloud call center is readily integrated with all major CRM’s and also provide APIs which can be used for integration with other systems.

The above benefits of cloud call center also stand for other cloud based IT system. The cloud computing is a boon for small cities and startup’s where setting up traditional IT is very tedious and costly.

Finally, setting up a BPO in small cities a win-win situation both for the local population and the companies. The local population gets job in their own town, without migrating to other cities. The companies get talent at a lower cost with low attrition rate.

I hope with good internet connective and cloud computing, not only the government many companies will also setup there BPO’s and call center in small cities.
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