Saturday, 29 April 2017

Single Sign On for Cloud Call Center and CRM

Single Sign On: This new feature makes your CRM + CloudAgent integration smoother than ever.
Our developer team gets excited with every little detail that makes your life smoother. Their latest development? A single sign on for your CRM and telephony solution.
For some time now, we’ve been harping on how the CRM+ telephony combination is critical for a good customer experience.   We’ve already created a long list of CRM software that  seamlessly integrate with CloudAgent.  (read the complete list here) 
Today we introduce the Single Login Feature: When your agents  login to CloudAgent to make/take a call, they’ll find themselves automatically logged in to their CRM.
Your customer details will be at your agent’s fingertips for every call. And every call creates a ticket within your CRM. Automatically.  Smooth isn’t it?
Here’s  a walkthough of how this works:
1. Agent logs in to CloudAgent
2.  They are automatically logged into your CRM. (We are using Kapture CRM here for demonstration sake).

When you click on the “ My CRM “ tab you see the same window.
3. When a call comes in, the “POP CRM “window automatically displays the caller details.
4. And, a ticket is automatically created in your CRM software (in this case in Kapture CRM)
5. When the call ends, your agent just clicks the “dispose” button. The “Disposition “window pops up. Your agent types in their comments.
That’s it, the calls wrapped up.  You’ve smoothly answered all your customer queries and captured essential data for the next time they call.
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