Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Use a dialer to reach your Zoho leads

Call center dialers are very productive tools. They improve your agent productivity tremendously by removing the need to manual dial the leads. It has been shown that you can dial 10x more leads using a dialer.

So if you have a large number of leads and less time to reach out to them, it makes perfect sense to use a dialer.

In this blog I will show you a way in which you can use a dialer to reach out to the leads in your Zoho CRM. We will be using the Cloudagent dialer to make the calls and the Zoho phone bridge integration with Cloudagent for seamless integration between Zoho and your call center.

The basic flow is
1. Export your leads from Zoho.
2. Import your leads into Cloudagent
3. Start dialer and start making calls.

The steps along with screenshots are shown in the below presentation.

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