Friday, 12 May 2017

TiECon 2017 & Tech product launch in US market

If you are a budding tech startup and want a grand launch of your product targeting the US market. The best place to showcase your product could be TiECon.

TiEcon is the largest technology focused conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship.
The recently concluded TiECon 2017 attracted neatly 50,000 entrepreneurs and professionals from over 50.  This year the focus was on the hottest areas of innovation including machine learning, IoT, FinTech, security, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, software defined infrastructure, drones, digital health, and many more.
Ozonetel also participated in TiECon 2017 and showcased our next generation cloud telephony product “getkookoo”.
GetKookoo is specially build for small businesses for small business owners to offer a   great customer experience.
·        It smoothly transfers & distributes calls within your staff.
·        Ensures they never miss a call, even on really busy days.
·        Allows them to instantly recognize customers, tag customer moods, and conduct live chats over your web page.
Keeping you in the loop, all the while – giving you the power to listen in to calls, monitor agent activity, know customer moods & take charge when need be.

It’s a browser based application – so you just login to start answering/managing your voice & live chat interactions right away.

Coming back to TiECon 2017, many tech companies from India also showcased their product.  In the above image our CEO Mr CSN Murthy is experiencing a VR technology designed by Hyderabad based company, Imaginate.

If you want to check the top 50 finalists at TiECON’2017. Just click on below link

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