Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cloud Call Center Software Like Talkdesk or Amazon Connect for Twilio

Twilio needs no introduction. It's the gold standard in cloud telephony. But you need to be a developer to take full advantage of Twilio.

Hopefully you have heard about Ozonetel. We have one of the best cloud call center solutions. Our platform has handled more than 2 billion calls and there are more than 55,000 agents on our multi tenant platform. We also have individual tenants running more than 1000 agents.

Normally when a business signs up with us, we provide the complete contact center solution, the telephony piece as well as the contact center software. 
But what if we can separate the two. 
What if you could run the best call center software on the best cloud telephony platform
Well, now you can!

You can configure our contact center software to run on top of Twilio. Now you get the best of both worlds - the reach and reliability of Twilio and the advanced feature set of our call center solution.
You get good call rates from Twilio and your call center minutes billing will come in your Twilio bill. Just pay a fixed nominal amount(introductory offer of $50/month all inclusive) for the call center software.

What do you get?
  • Agent management: Create agents, create skills, assign agents to skills, manage call queues, live agent monitoring, call barge in etc.
  • Agent tool bar: Advanced call center tool bar with call controls like transfer, hold, conferencing etc.
  • Dialers: Progressive and predictive dialers so that you can get the best out of your leads.
  • Reporting: 400+ reports with BI. Track agent productivity.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate with more than 20 well known CRMs including Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar and support systems like Zendesk.
  • APIs to manage all parts of the call center.

You get all this and much more on top of Twilio.
With this, you can now have your own Amazon connect or Talkdesk.
The platform is completely configurable. In fact you could use Twilio for your IVR and then hand it over to the call center if the caller wants to talk to a human agent.

The following are the steps you need to get started on this:
  1. Get a Twilio account.
  2. Get a getkookoo.com account.
  3. Configure your Twilio SIP trunk in Kookoo. Just copy settings from Twilio to Kookoo.
  4. Configure Kookoo details in Twilio. We will share the gateway details and you can just copy and paste them in Twilio.
  5. Start taking calls.
We will be sharing a detailed document soon. 

By the way, we are attending Signal Conference 2017. Meet us at the event and we will be glad to answer any queries.

You can get started in a day. If you are interested and want to get started immediately, please mail us at sales@ozonetel.com

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