Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Salesforce Lightning Open CTI now supported by Ozonetel Cloud Call Center

Salesforce Lightning is considered as the future of the CRM. At least thats what Salesforce wants us to believe :)

Whether it will become the future of CRM has to be seen, but for sure, this is a completely re imagined platform which has moved Salesforce into a new and modern user experience. You can read more about the experience here.

This was rolled out last year and has been pretty successful.

Once this became available we were waiting for the announcement of the lightning experience for open CTI. After all, we are cloud call center people and we wanted to see what changes Salesforce would come out with.

We did not have to wait long as Salesforce announced lightning open CTI in June of last year. It was initially launched as a beta and now its generally available.

Once we heard of it, we developed the lightning open cti connector for our Kookoo cloud call center. Though this has been available to some of our select customers, today we are releasing this for the public. Now all Salesforce deployments who want to experience lightning open CTI can do so immediately. The solution is available for customers in USA and India. If you want to get a free demo, please contact us

Salesforce lightning and Kookoo cloud call center, well the future is really here :)

Some of the things which you can do with Salesforce Lightning open CTI and Kookoo cloud call center:

1. Click to call

2. Record call activity

3. Manage agent state

4. Live call controls

5. Screenpop.

Very soon we are coming out with a UX update of our own for the agent toolbar. Stay tuned.

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