Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Enable Live Agent Chat with Messenger Customer Chat Plugin

This week Facebook announced the open beta of their Messenger customer chat plugin.

Now businesses can include the plugin on their websites and enable a chat channel to communicate with their customers. Customers have the advantage of chatting with businesses in the tried and tested messenger UX.

The main use case for the FB messenger chat plugin is to allow visitors to chat with bots which the businesses create. This will enable a self service medium for the customers. But we all know the current state of chat bots. And there should always be a fallback to human agents in case chat bots don't serve the need.

To fill this gap, today, we announce the integration of FB messenger customer chat plugin with KOOKOO Cloudagent. So now you can setup the chat plugin on your website and create a bot to answer your customer queries and when the bot is unable to answer the query transfer the chat to a live human agent. This will make sure your customers don't leave your website disappointed.

Steps to enable the integration

  1. Setup the chat plugin as mentioned here.
  2. Sign up for a KOOKOO Cloudagent account.
  3. Configure chat agents in Cloudagent.
  4. Configure a chat skill and assign the agents.
  5. Start chatting.
KOOKOO Agent Toolbar
FB Messenger Chat Plugin
You get all the advantages of a full featured contact center. You can monitor your chat agents in real time and get access to more than 400 reports.

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