Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Voice recognition will revolutionize IVR

Voice recognition is the ability of a system to understand what people are saying when they talk as they would to another person. In everyday life, we see this work on our phone’s digital assistants like SIRI and OK Google. Or on devices like Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Fire stick.

In Call Centers, NLP will dramatically shorten the IVR sequence and revolutionize customer experience. Your IVR will understand what your customer speaks, and the whole listen-punch keypad-wait sequence can be removed. 
 For example, 
After begin greeted by IVR a customer doesn’t have to punch in their keypad to communicate with your IVR. 
She just states: “ I want to complain”.
Your new smart IVR will check on customer history/ticket status and asks: “Is this complaint about the Nike shoes you ordered last week?”
If the customer says yes, the system automatically connects them to the returns & replacement department. If not, the system asks, listens and connects your customer to whomever else she needs to speak to.
Imagine how much that will improve customer experience?

Ozonetel has already developed the first two layers needed for this system to work. The tag allows the system to convert voice speech to text. The then analyses these words and categorizes it to “understand” what action to take. The system is currently being developed to understand American English, Indian English and Hindi. But more languages and accents can easily be added.

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