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Yes. Your self-service bot also requires trained agent support.

3 reasons why well-trained, easily accessible staff are critical for implementing good self-service The tech-handicap that used to exist once upon a time is now history. Now everyone has a smartphone,  they are tech-literate and there is minimal resistance to the idea of self-service. Or that's what some managers are prone to think. Is there a difference in how managers and customers perceive self-service? MIT Sloan conducted a survey in 2015 to see how each group differs in their self -service viewpoints. They found that “ Managers significantly underestimated the need for employee interaction during a self-service experience”.  (They also [...]

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Now, let KOOKOO manage your Zendesk Talk calls better

To create a productive work environment, it is essential to have a ‘complete’ support system in place. And sooner or later, that means a well-managed phone support system. Because sooner or later, your live chat, emails or messaging won't cut it—your customer will want to speak to a trained, knowledgeable company representative. And when they do, they’ll expect the call to connect fast. And when it connects, they’ll expect your agent to recognize them, know their problem, and sort it out immediately. That’s why just having phone support isn't enough. You need a well-managed system for automatically logging calls, recognizing [...]

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Lessons from CES2019 for customer communications

If you are involved in shaping your business’s customer interactions, then the world’s largest consumer electronics show might have some unexpected insights for you. For managers shaping and measuring customer experience, CES means one thing: the all-important indexing of your Customer Effort Score. But there is another CES that customer communication leaders should watch closely—Sin City’s annual Consumer Electronics Show. This massive display of consumer gadgets isn’t just about the hottest technology and coolest gadgets. It is also a definitive forecast of how customer interactions will change. Observe closely, and it will deliver insights into how people will be able [...]

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The Top 10 Contact Center Reports that Supervisors and Managers use most

When contact centers initially started moving from legacy systems to the cloud, not all of them understood how powerful data could be. Cloud contact center solutions such as ours generate 70+ reports. Businesses switching from legacy to cloud for other reasons such as to reduce infrastructure costs, or to connect remote offices— found this a big bonus. Happy reviews started pouring in. Managers were able to use reports to monitor and draw insights from every call their support or sales departments received or made. But I still feel that contact center reports are an underused tool. How can you make [...]

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8 things people hate most about your customer care. And how to fix it.

When your customer contacts your support center via call or chat here are the top 9 pain points they face*: Long Wait Times (Before reaching an agent) Slow Service (When an agent is reached) Self Service is difficult to use Rude agents Agents aren’t knowledgeable Repeating info when a call is transferred Cannot get service in the preferred channel Service isn’t personalized Support centers are high-stress environments. Most incoming calls are complaints, and so understandably, the people calling aren’t in the best of moods. It isn’t easy to motivate agents to thrive in this environment. And since many customer support [...]

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